Progressive SMARTMediflex is an individual & family medical policy which provides comprehensive hospital & surgical insurance protection and attractive renewal features. It places the choice for a healthier and more active lifestyle in your hands, with the use of SMART devices & SMART apps.

It provides coverage for adults with maximum entry age of 65 and renewable up to age 80; and children with maximum entry age of 15 days and renewable as a dependent up to 19 years old, or 23 years old if they are studying full time in a local institution of higher learning.

Special Features:


Includes subscription to mobile applications to promote a healthy lifestyle

SMART Choice

Moving you and your family towards wellness. Prevention is better than cure

SMART Savings

10% family discount for those insuring 4 or more family members in a single policy

flex your benefits

Includes Overall Annual Limits that grow when no claims are incurred

flex your PA

Includes a PA coverage that grows in value with policy renewals from the 4th year onwards

flex your premiums

Option to apply a deductible gives you the freedom to choose affordable protection

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