Hospital & Surgical (H&S) insurance insures you for hospital and doctor’s expenses incurred when you are admitted to a hospital either for a covered sickness or accidental injury.

Progressive Care Individual & Family Insurance provides cover for you and your family at as low as ONE ringgit a day for an annual sum insured of RM40,000 or as high as RM300,000 a year.

The Progressive Care series of individual & family insurance provides for two different types of cover:-

Adults are covered up to age 60, or if they are previously insured with us, up to 70 years. Children are covered from age 15 days to 18 years, and 23 years if they are studying full time at a local institution of higher learning.

You have an option to subscribe to medical card which will assist you to gain hassle-less admission to our panel of hospitals within Malaysia. However, if you wish to admit to a hospital not on our panel, you can pay and submit your bills for reimbursement.